Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Edens Indigo

Indy was born on the 3/11/95 in the wee hours of the morning at Eden Warmbloods the home of his daddy.I had leased a mare from Eden Warmbloods (Blue or Regal Rose) & had had her with me throughout her pregnancy.Two weeks before Indy was born the blood vessels in her eyes burst & I freaked out & decided she shoild go back for the birth.Thank god I decided this as Indy was unwell when born & had to be force fed & have enemas for the first week of his life.I got Blue & Indy back 3 weeks later.All went well untill Indy was 3 months old & got his head stuck in a fence & broke his mandable & smashed in his forhead.He still bares the scars from that incident to this day.At 6 months Indy fell in the paddock & damaged a ligament seeing him having to be stabled 24/7 for 6 weeks.What a nightmare that was.Well yes our first year was a disaster but we developed a strong bond through it all(though not without me wondering if it was all worth it).At 3years Indy went to Mike Donaldson to be backed & Mike thought he was a superstar which was encouraging.During this time I did a couple of in-hand shows for which he got Champion Junior Sporthorse at Helensville A&P on his 1st outing & did really well at Kumeu A&P with a couple of firsts & seconds but missed out on the champion as the judge felt he was too small. I might tell you that now hes grown he is 15.1hh & bay.The next time we showed he was Reserve Champion as a Senior Sporthorse at Helensville A&P.That then ended Indy show career as by this time we were starting to realize that he couldnt handle pressure under saddle.Schooling at home he was a star working up to Elementary level & popular with Lockie Richards.Lockie used him in a photo shoot for a magazine article he did about lunging.I also clinicd with Edgar Ligdwark (Sp?) from Australia on several ogasions and he also liked Indy.As the years rolled on I started to get a bit dishalusioned(SP?) with Indy & his inconsistencies so I turned to natural horsemanship.I chose to do Parelli with him & Indy was a star again (finally).He took to NH like a duck to water & people loved him again (friends at this stage had thought he was a moron).Indy now lives a cruisey life here with me on my farm .Every morning he sees me he calls to me & often nickers from his yard as I garden or potter around.He is very, very special to me & though he didnt turn into my dressage wonder-horse & still drives me nuts by getting into everything & anything left laying around(hes eaten heaps of sponges & has been known to drink buckets of Vetadine) he has a home for life.PS Did I tell you hes a spunk to look at?

Thursday, September 01, 2005


Here is a picture of Ace, doesn't he look alot like Garbo! He is currently being schooled in Raglan.

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Swedish Warmblood Webpage.

Just thought I would add this link as it has some interesting information regarding the SWB

Monday, August 08, 2005


This is Garbo - by Gibraltar II and Klondyke Krystal - he is a Palomino (obviously)... and he was born September 97. He was a stallion until 2003 from what I can figure out. He has a very high bum and lovely straight legs - he's a very solid boy. His nature is; loves attention, loves food, and very cruisy and laid back. Very sociable chap. He's quite a show off at times too. We do low level competitions (or intend to) and a little bit of jumping and dressage as well as forest and beach rides. We are based in Kumeu (Westgate end) in Auckland....I have owned him since July 2, 2005.

Gibraltar II

Gibraltar II was a very busy stallion. Sadly he is no longer alive, he died suddenly in 2001. This page is for anyone with a horse by Gibraltar II - there seems to be quite a few of us who own or work with them!
Gibraltar II's pedigree;
Dam; Garbi and Sire Callaghan.
Garbi's Sire was Gibraltar.
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